Providers' Choice Medical Billing hands-on approach allows us to act as an extension of your staff. This permits you and your personnel to focus on practicing medicine. At PCMB we are committed to increasing your receivables and decreasing your expenses. Please read the following to understand how we are able to get these results:

Individual Account Executive
Each Client is assigned their own account executive. This gives your staff the security and comfort of having the same representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice. And yes, each account representative has a backup.

No Recorded Voice prompts
All calls are answered personally. Does anyone want to go through the labyrinth of touchtone choices, only to be left on hold, disconnected, or worse, left with an unresolved billing inquiry. We never use electronic voice prompts during regular business hours. When a patient calls they speak directly with an account representative. Questions are answered courteously, and all efforts are made to expedite a settlement. Patient privacy and support are never compromised.

24 Hour Claim Processing

When claims are received in our office, they are processed within 24 hours. Our goal is lightening fast data entry and bill submissions.

Electronic Claims Submissions
PCMB daily submits your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all commercial carriers. Once we receive your data, your account representative checks for errors, makes corrections if necessary, and submits the claims.

Claims Follow-up
We aggressively follow-up on all claims. In addition to your individual account executive that deals with carriers and
patients, PCMB has follow-up specialists that assist in calling patients to deal with outstanding balances. We know
that we don't get paid unless you get paid.

At Providers' Choice Medical Billing we realize there are expenses in your office and we want to reduce those costs.
We can help by offering you our Practice Management Software. There are no software purchases necessary or costly
monthly fees. Providers' Choice Medical Billing is all-inclusive.

HIPAA Compliant
We comply with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.